Welcome to life at Gracefield! We can't help but be a bit excited about sharing our farm with you. Gracefield is our real life adventure, and we've come to believe life is definitely better outside. We'll be honest it's also a lot of hard work and dedication but all for some great living.

We're learning as we progress with our farm, and we have great dreams for it. Follow along, favourite or bookmark our site and we'll tell it like it is!

February 13

Wow, this summer has had some hot days! While not all our vegetables had the most successful year, and our fruit trees are being scavenged by pests, we are heartened by the progress of our animals! The herd of Red Angus are well grown, we ended up with nearly 20 piglets from our new pig friends, and the deer are most magnificent. In full antler they are ready to go into the rut shortly, which means we need to get into the tricky business of removing antlers so that none of our friendly deer get hurt in the mating season. You can see their full majesty on our Instagram page! www.instagram.com/gracefield_lifeoutside/